Donating blood is safe and simple. It takes just four steps to save four lives - registration, medical examination, donation and satisfaction!


  1. Have a good meal and plenty of fluids before you donate blood.
  2. Walk into the blood bank.
  3. You will be asked a few questions about yourself, your health, etc. and will be given a form to fill. Any information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential.
  4. You will undergo a medical examination including height, weight, blood pressure and haemoglobin to ensure that you are healthy enough to donate blood. Donor safety is as important as blood safety.
  5. If found fit, you can donate blood. The equipment used during the process is absolutely sterile and disposed after single use. You will not develop any disease through blood donation. It takes about 10 minutes to donate blood - less than the time an average phone call takes.


You can donate blood again after 90 days. The procedure is the same every time you donate blood - either at the blood centre or at a blood donation camp.


Please do not wait for a call to donate blood.

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